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" Come to the woods for here is rest. There is no repose like that of the green deep woods. "

- John Muir

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" The real things haven’t changed. It is still best to be honest and truthful; to make the most of what we have; to be happy with simple pleasures; and have courage when things go wrong. "

- Laura Ingalls Wilder

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Stuck in one of those lovely moral conundrums where one makes between 0 and 0 friends.

I hate having a functional frontal lobe.


Anna Stöhr in Zillertal, Austria

photo: Gerhard Heidorn



credit: Josh

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Vanilla Peach Banana Smoothie Recipe

Ingredients: Five frozen peach slices, one frozen banana, one cup nonfat vanilla Greek yogurt, and 1/2 cup of milk.

Method: Thaw the peach slices and the banana in cold water until they’re just a little mushy. Cut the banana up into smaller pieces so it’ll blend more easily. Put the peach slices, banana, yogurt, and milk into a blender. Blend to your desired consistency, top with chia seeds & granola, then enjoy!

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